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The Rock in the Sea

The Dead Good Funerals Book

An ecological story for 3 to 8 year olds.of Morecambe Bay through the eyes of a child and her grandmother, walking together on the sea bed  at low tide.


A fable by Sue Gill about an isolated limestone rock on the west shore of Morecambe Bay. Illustrated with woodcuts by John Fox. 26 pp, 10.5cm x 15cm.


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Garden in the Sky

Garden in the Sky

With 14 full colour illustrations it is an imaginative  and ecological story about plants and flowers through the escapades of a girl and her grandfather's grass roof.


The true names of the plants in this magical story, set on the shoreline of a Cumbrian peninsula, are included plus facts about the local environment – shrimp and cockle fishing,  tides and treacherous sandflats out in the bay.

'a very sweet little book with a lot of charm'......  Stephen Lennon ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY


' It's very jolly - a lovely way to encourage interest in wildflowers with children ' Tiffany Daneff, Gardening Editor SAGA magazine

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